Javier Trevino

Melodies, Riffs and Compositions for Violin, Viola, Piano and Guitar

28 Sep 2015, News
I just posted drafts of Mvt 1 and Mvt 2 (out of 3) of my first Violin Concerto 1 (free)
This is my first Violin Concerto. Its been more than a year in the making (arduous work!!! with a full time job) and its still in draft mode. I just posted movement 1 (VioEmorati) and movement 2 (VioSinLlave). Movement 3 is in progress and as of yet un-named. Enjoy for free download until I finish the 3rd movement and touch up the drafts for final publication. Comments welcome! btw SinLlave means without key signature. Movement 2 uses no key signature as the melody moves along keeping an eerie tone ...
13 Feb 2014, News
I just finished composing String Quartet 1
The quartet consists of 4 movements. Each movement is fairly short (2 to 4 minutes). Movement 1 (VioMotificus) starts with what I call my motif. The motif consists of the melodic movement which is employed in many of my compositions (A B C B). It evolves into various melanchonic phrases which then leads to movement 2 (VioSonulence) which employs various slow dark melodies with at least 2 instruments playing the same melody at various intervals which results in a haunting timbre. Movement 3 ...