Javier Trevino

Melodies, Riffs and Compositions for Violin, Viola, Piano and Guitar

13 Feb 2014
I just finished composing String Quartet 1

The quartet consists of 4 movements. Each movement is fairly short (2 to 4 minutes). Movement 1 (VioMotificus) starts with what I call my motif. The motif consists of the melodic movement which is employed in many of my compositions (A B C B). It evolves into various melanchonic phrases which then leads to movement 2 (VioSonulence) which employs various slow dark melodies with at least 2 instruments playing the same melody at various intervals which results in a haunting timbre. Movement 3 (VioEscala) is a piece written to use simple scales in various forms (melodies) and transforms from one to the other with simple arrangements of note lengths. The piece then superimposes these in various forms to form new interesting melodies. The final piece (VioRandorations) uses random notes which were composed first on an ipad by playing random notes on a keyboard composition program (Notion). Some of these random musings ended up sounding like interesting melodies so I employed them in this composition. The piece arranges the melodies in various random sequences to produce an unexpected even flow from one phrase to the other. Although most of my works are free, this one took many months to complete and is being offered for a modest fee. It is now published on this website as String Quartet 1 in four separate downloadable movements (VioMotificus Mvt 1, VioSonulence Mvt 2, VioEscale Mvt 3, VioRandorations Mvt 4. You can hear samples of the first minute or two of each piece and view the sheet music sample for preview. Enjoy!



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